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 I’ve been a resident of Lehigh County for 30 years growing up and raised on the East Side of Allentown by my parents Eva and Robert E. Smith Jr., along with my two siblings Joseph and Heather. I am grateful for my parents on instilling family values and how to have a hard work ethic by setting a great example by their own hard work ethic and always being there to support their kids no matter what.


I am a graduate of Louis E. Dieruff High School in 2003 and attended LCCC for Business Administration. My background is in Finance and Management. I served as the Club Manager for a non profit organization in Allentown for 8 years effectively running the day-to-day operations of the business.  I've worked in Finance as a Senior Accounts Receivable Administrator for Olympus America, Inc for 7 years. I have coached youth basketball in Allentown and Bethlehem for 9 years as well as youth Softball for 3 years. I am very passionate about coaching as its a way to give back to our youth where sports makes them more well rounded individuals. I am an active member of Notre Dame Parish in Bethlehem. I am currently the Secretary on the Lehigh County Republican Committee.


I married my high school sweetheart, Chris 6 years ago. We became young parents and have 2 children, Remiah who is 16 and Tyriek who is 19 years old in his first year at college. It wasn't easy being young parents but we are very proud of the wonderful kids they have grown up to be. They are our biggest blessings in life. We also have a dog named, Bella who has been the perfect addition to our family. Strong family values is the backbone that shapes our community and I am blessed to have an amazing family. 


As your next Lehigh County Commissioner

  • Reduce unnecessary government spending

  • Will not support adding taxes or fees to our County residents

  • Support Public Safety

  • Support small businesses and our farmers by reducing regulations and government overreach

  • Ensure more oversight on who we give grant money too 

  • Defend election integrity which will expand more people to be involved in the political process and create more trust in the system


  • Honest representation

  • Accountability and transparency, which I am very passionate about

  • Compassion for everyone regardless of political party or background

  • Making everyone who lives in Lehigh County feel represented

  • Hard work ethic and a diverse set of skills that will be an asset as your commissioner

  • Fight for strong family values by fighting for the future of all of our families

  • A strong voice who always asks the tough questions

  • I do not want to be a politician but want to have the opportunity to serve you in our county government


I purchased my first home over 6 years ago on the West End of Bethlehem with my husband, Chris and our two children, Remiah and Tyriek where we begun our dream of being homeowners.

As a community leader and watching my kids grow older, I am concerned for their future as the current state of politics and our economy is not going in the right direction. Before the year of 2020, I never considered the political arena besides helping my father, Robert E. Smith Jr. campaign in many of his elections. In 2020, It fueled my passion to pursue a path in public service. I hope by making this decision on running for office, it will empower other good people to fight for their community, participate in politics and work with me to solve our issues. I believe we need more people who are from the community, represent their community as we understand the challenges we face.


In order for change to occur we need to see unity happen within our community. We need to trust that our elected leaders are doing everything they can to best represent our community by holding them accountable. Right now there is not much trust in our elected officials. Divisive language shouldn't be allowed from our political leaders because then you are not serving your community. Just like us as parents are role models to our kids, our elected officials need to set a great example to prove to your community, why you were elected to that position. 


I want to strengthen presence of our elected officials in our community by always being present for all our Lehigh County residents. I think a citizen advisory board would be great to allow our community an opportunity for their voice at the table and increase engagement. I want to be a strong voice for our small businesses and protect our farmers. They do not want more government overreach or more regulations. 

Restoring Common Sense, Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency will be at the forefront of my campaign


A vote for ME is a vote for WE the PEOPLE

"Putting People First"
"Primero La Gente"

If I am fortunate enough to be elected as your next Commissioner At-Large in Lehigh County, I promise to always listen and represent the needs of everyone in this County regardless of your race, party, religion or background. Community trust is paramount right now in politics and I am committed to earning your trust. 


My goal is to reach across the aisle and work with all parties to solve our issues but also maintain my beliefs and core values. I want to ensure sensible solutions are being made for true economic prosperity in Lehigh County. I will not impose any new fees onto taxpayers and will always ask the tough questions when we are giving out money to any organization. I will always put our Lehigh County residents first. I will work tirelessly to improve our county in every department and ensure the money that is allocated to each department is spent efficiently and effectively. 


I will always be responsive to all my constituents, as right now in politics, real concerns are being ignored. I will help educate my community with real transparency and not just talking about it but proving it with action.  My ties to the community, my experience in local politics and my passion for doing what’s right are the reasons I have chosen to continue this fight in being your County Commissioner. 


Thank you for your interest in Jacqueline Rivera. If you have a questions, concerns, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below. If you would like to donate to her campaign, you can make checks out to People for Jacqueline Rivera and mail to the address below.

1424 Clover Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18018


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If you have any questions please reach out to me by phone or email. My goal is to meet and communicate with as many in Lehigh County to understand the various concerns and work to improve our County. To support my campaign please consider joining the team or donating to help me fight and get my message across this County. 

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